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(Trainings: P.-S. 9AM-9PM, contact us: 9AM-6PM)



T. 27993370 | liga@myperfectdog.lv

(Trainings: P.-S. 9AM-9PM, contact us: 9AM-6PM)




Individual lessons

Various 1 hour lessons prepared specifically for your and your dogs needs and knowledge.

Lessons are available both in person and online.

Behavioural consultations

2 hour behavioural consultation where we will discuss everything about your dogs problem behaviour. Afterwards you will get 5 step problem behaviour reprogramming plan and the opportunity to ask questions two months after the consultation, if they arise in the process of changing dogs behaviour.

Behavioural consulting available both in person and online.

Group lessons

We offer different kind of group lessons so that the training content is suitable for every dog and their care-taker: basic concept training group lessons, "Real life" trainings where we teach dogs to disengage from people, dogs, cars, birds, cats, do not eat from the ground, be able to walk calmly in public spaces indoors and outdoors, etc.

Social walks

We will teach dogs to be calm and polite in the presence of other dogs and enjoy the walk and the cooperation with his care-taker.

Consultation before the dog joins the family

1 hour consultation where we will help to choose the most suitable dog (breed) for your lifestyle, daily activity level and your expectations. We will also talk about how to prepare before dog joins your family.

Training for dogs that are afraid of people

In this training dogs are socialised with people, gradually adapting to the limits of each individual dog.


In this training we will let dogs work using their best "working tool" - their nose. In nosework training dogs will search for people hidden in the forest.

Online courses & seminars

Here at "My perfect dog" we offer both theoretical and practical seminars and online courses for dog care-takers to help them understand dogs, their behaviour as well as solve any problem-situations that worry you.



We offer various level group trainings so the content of lessons are suitable for each dog.

Read more about trainings here:



Individual trainings are intended for dogs and their care-takers with or without prior knowledge of dog training who wants to acquire or strengthen theoretical and practical knowledge of dog training and behaviour, etc.

Individual trainings are great because you and your dog get all the attention from trainer adjusting the training program that suits you both – tasks, level of complexity and duration of training.

At the end of each lesson, the trainer will give you homework – tasks to practice until the next lesson. Homework will ensure an even faster and better result in your beloved dog’s training.

Duration of individual training: 1 hour

The number of lessons depend on the client.

During the first training or consultation the trainer will ask you some questions to find out everything about and around your dog – dog's character, possible behavioral problems, experience and level of his knowledge as well as find out what exact goals you have for your dog's training. Together with the trainer you will create and talk through your dog's training program.


30 eur – online in video call through ‘'Google Meet’' platform

Price if training takes place in your chosen location:

50 eur – Imanta, Riga center, Teika, Plavnieki, Valdlauci, Marupe, Pinki

55 eur – Boldaraja, Milgravis, Jugla, Jurmala, Kekava, Salaspils, Ulbroka

70 eur – Jelgava, Ikskile, Carnikava, Garkalne

90 eur – Tukums, Ogre, Sigulda



It is necessary to have a behavioural consultation:

  • If your dog is scared of people, other dogs etc.;
  • If your dog has reactive/aggressive behaviour towards your family members or strangers, other animals etc.;
  • If your dog is scared of thunder or fireworks;
  • If your dog has separation anxiety – he can’t stay alone at home, he howls, barks, is drooling, tears down the house, pees/poops indoors if he’s left alone at home;
  • If he pulls the leash and if the walks with your dog are troublesome ‘’event’’ everyday;
  • If your dog is hyperactive and he’s hard to calm down and hard to train;
  • If your dog pulls the leash so he can get to other people/dogs or jumps on people;
  • If your dog is not interested in any contact with you (or family members);
  • If a baby or a new pet is going to join your family.


Behavioral consultation in groups (2-4 people):

60 eur – In Uzvaras parks or online through ''Google Meet’' video call

Individual behavioral consultation remotely through ''Google Meet'' video call:

80 eur – online through ''Google Meet'' video call

Individual behavioral consultation in your chosen location:

100 eur – Imanta, Riga center, Teika, Plavnieki, Valdlauci, Marupe, Pinki

105 eur – Bolderaja, Milgravis, Jugla, Jurmala, Kekava, Salaspils, Ulbroka

120 eur – Jelgava, Ikskile, Carnikava, Garkalne

130 eur – Tukums, Ogre, Sigulda

*Behavioral consultation in group means that this consultation will attend 2-4 families with dogs that face the same problem situations/behaviors.

To learn more about this – write to us, we will tell you more!


  • 2 hour behavioural consultation in person or online (remotely – through video call).
  • We will go through dog's problem situations / behaviours, we’ll get to the cause of these behaviours as well as create a 5-step behaviour change plan and the necessary daily management and training management.
  • A written 5-step behaviour change plan, emailed.
  • Practical tasks and other useful theoretical materials that will help you change your dog’s behaviour and help with other problem situations.
  • Educational materials in .jpg format about things we talked about in the consultation.
  • Opportunity to consult with us and ask your questions during the behaviour change process for another 2 months.

After the behaviour consultation, it is recommended to meet with again for at least one repeated 1-hour individual lesson where we will practically work on solving the problem situation.

See the price list for repeated lesson in the ‘'Individual training’' section.


You can train your dog as well as learn yourself remotely from anywhere in the world!

Online lessons have individual training sessions which consist of 2 parts:

  1. Video call lesson once a week in which the theory of dogs and their training is discussed. I also answer your questions and together we discuss the training process and new practical tasks.
  2. Depending on your dog's required training we will either send video materials for one week trainings – where the training tasks are shown and explained or the tasks will be practically tried out during the video call (or both).

It is recommended that you occasionally send me videos of how you and your dog are doing with the tasks so I can comment on the progress and necessary improvements.

You will get new tasks every week, so you will progress through the training material.


  • 1 week training (1 hour video call + few video materials with the tasks) – 30 eur

About ‘'My Perfect Dog’'

"My Perfect Dog" is an organisation that represents a great and harmonious relationship between the dog and his care-taker, where the care-taker is educated while the dog is understood and properly cared for, socialised and trained, based on ethical, natural and motivational training for dog.

"My Perfect Dog" offers training for dogs and their care-takers, dog behaviour consultations, social walks for dogs as well as theoretical and practical seminars for dog care-takers.

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